Configure Your WordPress Settings

I typically advise brand new WordPress users to go out of the settings setup until this stage of the procedure.

Most of the settings provided by WordPress control things linked to your pages and articles, and that’s not always something you’d understand and soon you’ve actually developed them for the website.

Therefore, now you’ve done that, it is time to proceed through your settings one-by-one and make certain your WordPress website is configured to the office exactly as you want it to.

  • Site Title: it’s this that will appear in someone’s browser tab once they get to your web site.
  • Tagline: This might be changed whenever you create content for your home web page, so this isn’t a field that is required.
  • WordPress Address: this is actually the URL of your primary web site.
  • Site Address: For many of you, this will match the WordPress Address. Nonetheless, if you are setting up something like Multisite that requires each web site have a unique sub-domain, you’ll specify that right here.
  • Email: this really is for the admin that is main of web site, for them to receive all related notifications regarding it.
  • Account: If you’d like individuals to sign up to your internet site for updates, click this box. (more…)