Salta Group (Salta) respects your privacy and has adopted a privacy policy consistent with Australian Privacy Law and the ten National Privacy Principles. The following policy applies to all businesses within the Salta Group including Salta Properties and covers all personal information collected by Salta during authorised business activities. Salta reserves the right to make amendments to this Policy at any time. If you have objections to this Privacy Policy, you should not access or use the company’s Websites. Salta endeavours to protect all collected personal information from unauthorised use or disclosure. Any queries relating to personal information held by Salta (including access requests) can be made to:

Salta Privacy Officer
Salta Properties Pty Ltd
Locked Bag 1300, Port Melbourne Vic 3207
Phone 03 9673 1111


Salta endeavours to collect any personal information directly from the individual with their consent. Where personal information is provided to Salta by third parties, relevant staff will always take reasonable steps to obtain consent from the individual to whom the information pertains where required by the legislation. Salta only collects personal information that is necessary for the conduct of its business. Any Salta client, customer, business partner or recruitment candidate who does not wish their personal information to be provided to any particular organisation or types of organisations should notify Salta at the time of the collection of the personal information.


Salta’s primary purpose for collecting personal information is to inform clients of relevant business activities relating to new and existing property developments and updates to property maintenance. Should you prefer not to receive any such information please advise Salta by contacting our Privacy Officer as detailed above.


Salta continuously monitors the accuracy and comple
teness of collected, used or disclosed personal information. Should any updates to your personal information be required, please contact and inform Salta.


Salta employs advanced security systems and procedures to ensure the integrity and security of personal information held by the company. Salta will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify from its systems any personal information held by the company on your request, provided that sufficient proof of identity is established.


Salta’s Privacy Policy is available on its websites or internally on its intranet. Personal information held by Salta is limited to that which is required for the legitimate functions of the company’s business.


Salta undertakes to provide access to individuals to any of their personal information held by the company for the purpose of review and correction with exception to the limitations imposed by the privacy legislation. Requests for access should be forwarded to Salta’s Privacy Officer along with sufficient proof of identification.


Salta limits the use of government identifiers to the purposes required of the company by legislation only.


Salta will respect a request for anonymity wherever it is lawful and practicable.


Although Salta is a national company it does occasionally engage in international business. In these instances, we undertake not to send or disclose personal information without the consent of the individual. In any event, Salta takes precautions to ensure that any of its business partners employ similar policies documenting the recognition of their privacy obligations


Salta does not require that you supply any sensitive information to the company unless it is essential for business activities. If required, this type of information will not be collected without your consent.